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Coilsand selectors
Are available different types of colis and selectors produced by Atos, Camozzi, Rexroth, Vickers, etc.
Electrovalves and pneumatic cylinders
We can supply electrovalves and pneumatic cylinders for batching plants, truckmixers and concrete pumps. Are available different...
Fans and thrust meters
For the collong of hydraulic oil are used differnt types of fans and thrust meters. Are available for truckmixers and concrete...
Loading cells
Loading cells for batching plants with differents capacities for wheighing systems of water, cement, aggregates and additives...
Relee and integrated circuits
For the control panels of concrete pumps and batching plants can be available different types of integrated circuits.
Sensors and limit switches
For safety of construction equipments are used different types of sensors and limit switches. Are availbel differnts...
Spare parts for remote controls
For remote controls can be supplied components like: selectors, printed circuits, covers, receivers, antenna, etc. Are avilable...
Vibrators for hopper of concrete pump and for batching plants.